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***WARNING: This post and discussion may contain spoilers for anyone who is not current with the Starz series Outlander (including seasons 1 and 2) or who has not read the first three books in the series.***

Please review the new policy re: spoilers here, if you've not already seen the post.

Episode 301 (September 10, 2017) – “The Battle Joined,” written by Ronald D. Moore, directed by Brendan Maher

Synopsis: After living through the Battle of Culloden, Jamie finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving British victors, until a connection from his past provides his only hope of survival. Meanwhile, a pregnant Claire attempts to adjust to life in the modern world of 1940s Boston – and life with Frank.

Have at it, people! Did you like the episode? Thoughts, impressions, quibbles, highlights and lowlights?

Date: 2017-09-11 11:25 am (UTC)
suzy: (Default)
From: [personal profile] suzy
I didn't expect to have seen it already but I did and I loved it. But my heart broke.

I will see it again tonight so I'll be back. :)

Date: 2017-09-13 09:11 am (UTC)
suzy: (Default)
From: [personal profile] suzy
Yes, the acting of all three were just so great. But Jamies pain got to me the most. I just feel so much when it comes to Jamie!

No, I want to know about Claires experiences too. And I think it would be a very flat show/story if we don't get to see her and Frank together. We NEED to see her cope with those 20 years as much as we need to see Jamies. Otherwise we won't fully know them when they reunite.

And I've read how people complain about Frank. Again, I haven't read Voyager but to me it seems making Frank more prominent and likable is all for the better. They did try to mend together some kind of marriage but obviously it's doomed to fail but not because Frank is a bad person. Instead we simply see how strong Claires love for Jamie truly is and no matter how much she wish she could go back to love Frank again she just can't. This makes her story line more complex and richer IMO.

Yes! Ever since I first realised BJR's obsession of Jamie I always thought that... well, I also saw some kind of warped love? I'm not sure how to describe it. But I felt there was more than just his sadistic pleasure of breaking someone down, woman or man. Jamie fascinated him for sure. And that last look he gives Jamie when he fall into that embrace? Yeah, I saw love.

I saw an interview with Sam and he said that Tobias was on top of him for some of it but then there were stuntmen or extras for the rest.

My only negative thought was that everything was too short! *lol* I'm just greedy.

Date: 2017-09-13 08:59 am (UTC)
suzy: (Jamie - Scot)
From: [personal profile] suzy
I had expected the battle to last like half the episode. But I love how they let us see it through Jamie's memories of it while he lies there dying. It's confusing and disjointed with glimpses here and there, when he's standing at the stones reeling with the goodbye and then of course the fight with Black Jack. Again, I thought it was going to be... more/longer? I don't know, but I feel it was over so quickly. Too quickly? Probably not. But OMG it actually ended with an embrace. So many feelings. I've been convinced BJ loved Jamie in his own twisted way and this end didn't change my view at all.

Rupert. Gosh. His and the other guys (forgot his name) farewell to Jamie. So sad and yet they were so strong and brave. The two lads Rupert tried to save. Urgh, couldn't they have showed some mercy on them?! Poor Jamie wanted nothing but death and yet he gets to be saved (THANK GOD!) out of honor and debt. Is he the luckiest or unluckiest man ever or what? Aw, poor Jamie indeed.

Where is Murtagh?!!!

Were men really that horrible in the 40's? Wow. Condescending asses. Not to mention that doctor!!!

I don't know your stand/take on Frank. Some truly hate him (some love him more than Jamie??!) and I know some book fans hate the way the show is portraying him because he doesn't seem as bad but I don't know book Frank so I really am sorry for his situation too. I think he is selfish in many ways but I don't doubt his love for Claire. But I find him dull and boring. Well, of course he would be compared to Jamie. It's not really fair of me.

I think Claire really thought she could find the love she once had for him again. So she agreed to this bargain of forgetting her past. Oh Claire. It's so doomed to fail. There's so much tension between them and yet they are both putting up this front of a happy family. Until it shatters and we realise they have not shared a bed yet. At least that's what I thought. Am I wrong? Resentment is brewing.

Where's my baby? That got to me so much. The utter panic until Frank walks in with the baby. Man. I believed they actually had a chance there, talking with baby Bree in her arms. Until the nurse asks about the red hair. Nope, it's so doomed.

These are just some thoughts I came to think about now. I simply loved the episode and I loved they took their time with both storylines. I am not sure how long I can take their separation though.

Date: 2017-09-13 02:46 pm (UTC)
suzy: (Default)
From: [personal profile] suzy
I don't like twitter. I check from time to time but I'm not following any Outlander related on there.

I really liked how they showed the battle from Jamies fever dreams.

Oh, depends on what you mean. Battle spoilers? I'm ok with knowing what happens differently in the books in general. I just prefere to see it aired first then I'm ok with knowing what's right (or wrong) with the episode compared with the book.

But I'm torn about the book spoilers in advance of an episode. I already know a great deal because most people do compare so it's very hard to avoid. But if I can I do try to avoid knowing every single plot point coming up. But of course I don't know if I already know everything or not. I feel I know most things. :o

But since Frank is already changed so much I don't see how that is spoilerish. Feel free to explain book Frank.

it's Claire's memories -- and let's face it, she isn't the most reliable narrator

Exactly! We can now base our own opinion on Frank without her thoughts. I don't see how that is a bad thing. I can understand and feel for Claire no matter how "good" they portray Frank. It just makes it more tragic for both of them.

Mmm yes. I know what happened to Murtagh in the book. See? I already know too much but it doesn't mean it has to happen in the show. I am hoping anyway.

Oh yes, the amber! I saw it. It made me so so sad. :(

306 is so far away! I read something about a 2 week airing gap around that time as well? After I assume.
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